Triple Grain Vodka

Distilled from Ontario Grains, perfect for sipping or in a cocktail.

Nose: Vanilla bean, marshmallow, cream and cloves.
Palate: Sweet cream giving way to peppery citrus.

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Local Harvest Gin

A fresh take on a classic spirit, Local Harvest Gin is distilled using vapour infusion to gently balance the delicate flavours from ten botanicals.

Nose: Juniper, citrus, sweet anise, black licorice root and dried flowers.
Palate: Juniper, Citrus, Anise, Plum, Cinnamon, Cloves, Black Tea, Grapefruit.

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100 Proof Corn Whisky 

Un-aged white corn whisky, modern day moonshine. 
Nose: Caramel popcorn 
Palate: Sweet corn 

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Peppered Bacon Vodka 

Grain to brine to bottle - distilled for cocktails. 

Nose: Light intensity showing caraway, pepper, salty brine, sweet smoke and cardamon 
Palate: Dominant pepper on the palate, followed by caraway. Salty, toasted smokey bacon flavours on the back end with a sweetness throughout. 

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Trial Gin #26

Handcrafted with ginger, sweetgale and rosemary providing a more savoury dry gin experience.
Nose: Sweet rosemary, juniper and ginger.
Palate: Subtle rosemary with pronounced herbal and gingers notes giving way to a white pepper finish. 

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Barrel-Aged Gin

Handcrafted with ginger, sweetgale and rosemary then aged in an old whisky barrel. 
Nose: Spice, Sweet rosemary, juniper and ginger.
Palate: Oak, sweet rosemary, ginger and honey

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Season For Trees-In: Spruce Tip Vodka 

Handcrafted with Northern Ontario Spruce Tips 

Nose: Spruce and sweet citrus 
Palate: Spruce, lemon peel, cream and pepper 

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Norse Code Aquavit

A Scandinavian inspired spirit, handcrafted with Canadian caraway, dill and foraged Labrador tea.

Nose: Citrus, Dill & Caraway

Palate: Caraway, dill, herbs and black pepper.

Traditionally enjoyed chilled & neat.

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Barrel Aged Aquavit

A Scandinavian inspired spirit, handcrafted with Canadian caraway, dill and foraged Labrador tea then rested in an old whisky barrel. 

Nose: Sweet Caramel, Garden Herbs & Spice

Palate: Oak, Vanilla, Caraway, Citrus & Dill 

Traditionally enjoyed chilled & neat.

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Barrelled Mocha Liqueur 

Barrel aged espresso, roasted cocoa, chaga & cardamom liqueur

Nose: Espresso, sweet cocoa, caramel 

Palate: Cocoa, coffee, homemade chocolate chip cookies, oak 

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Haskap & Rhubarb Gin 

Grain to glass Haskap & Rhubarb Gin made for all seasons. Try it in a refreshing gin and tonic to experience the sweetness of the haskap and bitterness of the rhubarb mixed with the light Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water. 

Nose: Summer berries, sweet anise and dried flowers

Palate: Juniper, summer berries, citrus, bitter rhubarb and black tea

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Novel Tea Liqueur

For tea lovers, after hours.  Novel Tea, is handcrafted with earl grey tea and orange botanicals to bring you a a delightfully sweet liqueur. 

Notes: Sweet floral and tea notes

Palate: Bergamot, Black Tea and Honey  with a marmalade finish

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Cherry Gin

A lightly sweetened dry gin infused with tart cherries.

Nose: Sweet cherry and Juniper

Palate: Tart Cherry, Pepper and Lime Sherbet

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Smoked Jalapeño Vodka

Northern Ontario Jalapeños smoked using oak from old whisky barrels. 

Nose: Smoke, Green Pepper, Oak

Palate: Intense Smoke, Jalapeño  & Spice 

Smoked Jalapeño Vodka is currently sold out. 

Citrus Vodka 

Handcrafted with fresh lemon and lime peel, and orris root. 

Nose: Lemon Peel, freshly squeezed orange juice & lime

Palate: Sweet orange, lemon & lime zest

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Cloves Optional Holiday Spirit 

A holiday spirit inspired by your favourite baking spices, then lightly sweetened to enjoy alone or in a festive cocktail. 

Nose: Allspice, Sweet Baking Spices, Cherry & Orange 

Palate: Cloves, Allspice, Nutmeg, Sweet Cherry & Cinnamon 

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Cut & Dry Gin

A classic dry gin handcrafted with juniper, grains of paradise and lime.

Nose: Forest Moss, Sweet Citrus and Juniper
Palate: Juniper forward, black pepper, light hazelnut with a lime zest finish

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