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Octagrana Whisky | 750ml

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Volume 750ml      Alc./Vol. 41%

Week 12 of our "12 Spirits of Christmas!" 

Stolen from the Latin tongue, Octograna refers to the complex mash bill of 8 different grains.
Octograna is unlike any whisky you've had before. The grains making up this whisky include purple corn, yellow corn, oats, rye, spelt, quinoa and malted barley, aged in a new oak barrel with each grain contributing its own personality to deliver a complex whisky. This whisky has not been chill filtered or sweetened with caramel so the nose and the palate are as they came out of the barrel.The ingredients are so difficult to procure that you have in your hands a bottle from one of only two barrels. While this beauty qualifies as a bourbon (if it was casked south of the border) and a Canadian Whisky, we ask that you toss aside preconceived notions and sip it as its own novel product.
Nose: Sweet corn, oak & dried cherry
Palate: Fresh grain, chestnut, toffee and oak notes with an oily mouthfeel, transitioning to notes of citrus, grass and black pepper. 
Two bottle limit per person. No holds.