NOA Non-Alcoholic Sweet Vermouth

NOA Non-Alcoholic Sweet Vermouth

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NOA Sweet Vermouth is a versatile and complex ingredient that can elevate any cocktail. Inspired by the renowned French Dolin, it offers hints of wine vinegar, grapes, and caramel, with a bold blackcurrant finish. Its aromatic balance is exceptional, even without alcohol. Perfect as an aperitif, digestif, or wine substitute with a meal, Noa can be served on the rocks with a twist of orange or grapefruit peel, or simply on its own. No need to worry about the peel police here.

Notes: Caramel, grapes, blackcurrants, cinnamon, wine vinegar

Ingredients: Filtered water, Sugars (cane sugar, concentrated grape juice), Glycerin, Tartaric acid, Natural flavors, Caramel, Citric acid, Potassium sorbate, Sodium benzoate.

0.5% alcohol