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Clockwork Four Grain Whisky Gift Set

Clockwork Four Grain Whisky Gift Set

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This limited edition gift set includes:

1 x Clockwork Four Grain Whisky Batch 2

2 x Nosing Glasses 

1 x Gift Box

Our leading whisky can be called a Canadian Whisky since it's been in barrel for three and a half years, but if it was born south of the border, it would be called an Oated Bourbon. Our 4-grain whisky's mash bill contains an all-Ontario mix of corn, oats, rye, and malted barley, rested on-site in new oak barrels out of Kentucky. It is a straight whisky and has not been blended, sweetened (as per many Canadian Whiskies), or chill-filtered.

Nose:  Sweet caramel, oak, and butterscotch notes

Palate: Light oak and earthy notes, heavy grain, and a black pepper finish.

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