Cherry Negroni: Bottled Cocktail 375ml

Cherry Negroni: Bottled Cocktail 375ml

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 375ml      Alc./Vol. 28%

Ingredients: Cherry Gin Dolin Sweet Vermouth & Campari

Carefully curated to deliver a symphony of tastes, this exquisite libation combines the bitter warmth of Campari, the herbal complexity of vermouth, and a burst of sweetness from luscious cherry undertones. To unlock its full potential, gently stir the elixir over ice, allowing the amalgamation of flavors to unfold. As you strain it into a glass, elevate the experience with a garnish of premium maraschino cherries, adding a delightful touch of sophistication. Indulge in the perfect harmony of ingredients and relish every sip, as our bottled cherry Negroni transcends the ordinary, offering a refined and flavorful escape.

Keep refrigerated. Sediment may occur.