Frisky Moonshine Sour


The smoothest moonshine cocktail you ever did have. Our 100 Proof Corn Whisky (aka Moonshine!) is an un-aged white whisky that pairs perfectly with citrus forward cocktails. See how we combine some of our favourite cocktail ingredients to turn this Whisky Sour into a Frisky  Sour. 

Frisky Moonshine Sour


1.5 oz 100 Proof Corn Whisky

1 oz Split Tree Sour Mix

5 Drops of Wild Muskoka Spiced Maple Bitters

3 Dashes of Fee Foam 

1 Amarena Cherry 




1. Fill a shaker with ice, 100 Proof Corn Whisky Split Tree Sour Mix Wild Muskoka Spiced Maple Bitters Fee Foam 

2. Shake vigorously for 10 seconds 

3. Strain into coupe glass 

4. Garnish with an Amarena Cherry 

5. Take a picture of your masterpiece and tag us on Facebook / Instagram

7. Enjoy! 


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